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MANAGED WEB SERVICE - Alquist offer navitus as a fully managed web service. Users access the system using a standard web browser from anywhere on the network. We manage the entire platform on your behalf.


ON-SITE INSTALLATIONS - Whilst our preference is to offer the software as a fully managed web service we can also install on your in-house servers. For organisations that have restricted internet access this version will be the best option.


SMART METERS - Energy consumption data is collected from smart meters that we install in your building. The meters log gas, water and electricity consumption at half hourly intervals. The data is transmitted to the central server over your corporate data network.


HOW MANY METERS? - Initially organisations can use existing supply meters but as time goes on a more granular resolution is needed. We will recommend the best locations for additional sub-metering.

Available Modules
Energy Analysis
Financial Analysis
Reporting Module
Data Exchange
Calculated Meters
Invoice Validation
Tenant Billing




navitus is the most sophisticated fully web based Automatic Monitoring and Targeting system. navitus is extremely user friendly, providing a range of powerful analysis techniques, accessible through an intuitive interface suitable for users of any experience.



navitus contains an expansive selection of modules which may be combined according to the specific requirements of your individual company. Additionally, the functionality is presented within 2 main user levels; Advanced and Express. The Advanced level provides complete access to the full navitus suite whereas Express presents an extremely simplified view where users of any ability can access their data.






·         Detailed reporting and analysis
·         Produce energy league tables
·         Manage data for entry into Carbon Reduction Commitment
·         Report using standard or customised templates
·         Collate data from multiple sub-systems
·         Calculate tenant billing
·         Validate supplier billing
·         Multi-Lingual
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navitus datasheet
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